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If you’re a woman with lipoedema pre or post surgery who’s wanting to nourish your body, gain self-confidence and live a life as a lipoedema Goddess, then join Aimee Buchanan, Nutritionist and Lipoedema advocate on the path to body-love and acceptance in Beautiful Bali.

Lying by the cooling turquoise pool surrounded by rice fields, the sun is slowly setting behind softly swaying palms. A gentle breeze delights your senses with the scent of frangipanis…


… It’s the end of an incredible day experiencing the majestic healing waters of Pura Tirta Empul Temple, sacred ceremony and the beauty of the island….


You look around and instantly feel at ease; you begin to sense your similarities to the women that surround you. You laugh with new friends and share intimate thoughts. You unwrap your sarong and bare your legs after what seems like a lifetime of shame. 


The warmth from the sun, touching every inch of your body, you become amazed at your connection to yourself, there‘s a feeling of home. You finally surrender the old feelings that have held you back and you release your unwanted insecurities. 


Gazing on the glistening water you can hardly believe that, at last, you’re here. You confidently step into the pool and in this moment in time you are no longer ashamed of your body. You have found the real YOU.

The island of the Gods is the PERFECT place to spend 7 delightful days…


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live a life full of joy, laughter, and happiness and free from shame?


Reconnect with your true- self for 6 nights in exotic Bali. We will laugh, dance and have rituals fireside. You will feel deeply supported having shared the struggles we face everyday in the company of brave women just like your-self. Creating a safe place for you to feel free to be yourself so you can learn to live life boldly, courageously and free of regrets and resentments.


Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what foods worked best for you and your body?


 Of course it would, and that’s what the retreat is all about. You will spend 7 days in Bali eating delicious nutritious meals specifically designed for women with lipoedema. You will leave knowing how to work out what your body needs and wants to be able to free yourself of a lifetime of dieting.



Can you imagine how amazing you would feel knowing that you are worthy of a life full of love?


 Incredible, I bet, and during our time together you’ll break free from limiting beliefs through private coaching, group healing, and letting go ceremonies. You will go home feeling empowered and inspired to step into your life with confidence and have the courage to love yourself unconditionally creating a thriving life as a Lipoedema goddess. 

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Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel comfortable in your own skin and confident in the way you look?


 We are going to awaken your inner goddess in Bali and connect with your true self.  Through healing ceremonies, massage and meditation you’ll explore your inner power and be inspired to step into your true beauty and bring this feeling home with you and so that you are confident to show the world the real you. 


How freeing would it feel to not be ashamed about the way your legs look and know that’s the last thing on the minds of the people around you?


If you are ready to take the weight of your shoulders this retreat is for you. Join me and be surrounded by women who know exactly what you are going through. We will all bare our souls (and legs) together, allowing you to finally understand what true acceptance feels like. 

By the end of this retreat, you will feel deeply supported having shared the struggles we face everyday with this disease- been given priceless tools to manage your lipoedema through nutrition so you have the self-confidence to face the challenges we have on the path to body-love and acceptance and creating a life as a Lipoedema Goddess.

Count me in!

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The tranquillity of Bali will calm any insecurity and open your heart allowing the island of the gods to guide you on your path to acceptance. As you step inside our luxury private villa near trendy Canguu, you are ready to surrender and let go.


Our divine Balinese hideaway is breathtaking, located in a traditional village amidst the lush rice fields. Surrounded by fragrant frangipanis and beautiful pink bougainvilleas – perfect to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy new friends. 


The villa is tastefully decorated with luxury furnishings, creating a modern Balinese feel. All of our accommodation is contained on the one property, making for a dreamy private hideaway.

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You wake up to the sound of the temples mesmerising hymns and the warm tropical air as you sip your fresh coconut water on your private balcony over looking the generous sized swimming pool.


In the afternoon you take a dip in the glistening turquoise water, the sun gently kissing your skin from behind the palm trees. You feel refreshed and invigorated after the spectacular events that you have taken part of during the day. 


At night you enjoy eating your wholesome dinner under the shining stars, with great company. You laugh, smile and embellish in the atmosphere. You retreat to your comfortable haven away from the warm island air and feel content under your flowing canopy, ready to recharge for another day of pure bliss.

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I'm ready to go!

Registration and Pricing Here

Relax knowing that all your meals have bean approved by your host, making them not only lipoedema friendly but nutritious and delicious. Our talented personal chef takes inspiration drawn from traditional Balinese flavours; get ready for some mouth-watering low carbohydrate anti-inflammatory goodness. 


The focus is on nourishing your body both inside and out. Start the day with a refreshing cold-pressed juice accompanied by an antioxidant filled smoothie bowl of wholesomeness.


Cool down at lunch with invigorating iced tea and vibrant salad dishes that will energise every inch of your body.


Refuel in the evening with an infusion of east meets west delights that will have you savouring every bite of your coconut vegetable curry, sautéed vegetables and cauliflower rice.


Our final celebration dinner* will have your mouth watering, your heart singing, and hips swinging. The Holistic Nutrition Princess believes in balance and one of the most exciting things about a holiday is trying the exotic food and a tropical cocktail. Did someone say Nasi Goreng? No one can leave Bali without experiencing Balinese local cuisine at least once! 


The best part? The Holistic Nutrition Princess has designed a menu that is gluten free, dairy free, grain free, low carbohydrate, refined sugar free and mostly vegetarian. Need something else- Just let me know!


* Final celebration night wont be grain free

The Delights

Ready to embrace your inner Goddess? I bet you are!

After you check in you can relax, take a nap or unwind poolside. Yes please!


You’ll meet your new lippy sisters at the welcome dinner, where we will gather around a long table family style so that you can feel right at home.


After dinner you’ll enter the Circle of Empowerment. The island of the gods is the perfect setting to open up, let go and be free. Your evening in the circle of trust is where you will set your intentions for the week ahead. Share or just simply listen to each other’s stories and get to know each other. Take a deep breath – it’s going to be a freeing experience.

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water temple.jpg

Starting each day with an open heart. You will show your body thanks by helping it learn how to move freely with a gentle flowing lymphatic yoga class. After breakfast, join in a wellness demonstration that will equip you with the knowledge to take control of this disease. Then enjoy some free time; it is your choice how you will spend the rest of the morning. 

After lifting the burden from your soul of living with Lipoedema to our body image specialist in your private counselling session. You may choose to journal and reflect on your journey so far, or simply relax by the pool.

Every day you will experience the healing hands of a traditional Balinese massage. Each massage is tailored to your individual needs. You are in control, you decide if you need the gentle touch of a divine goddess or the firm pressure from a feminine higher being. 


You will then be ready to set out into the beautiful Balinese countryside to experience the Island of the Gods and the healing waters of Bali’s Pura Tirta Empul Temple.

Special letting- go ceremony fireside will help to bring out your lipoedema goddess.


Shop the Famous Streets of Seminyak and bring home a souvenir for your loved ones to say thank you for allowing you to take this time away to find your true self.


No trip to Bali would be complete without getting up close to cheeky Monkeys in the sacred Monkey Forest.


Feel the beauty of the Balinese landscape as you lose yourself amongst the famous rice terraces.



Dress up and dance the night away with Balinese entertainment on our farewell celebration with a traditional Balinese feast.  


With a heart so full, you begin to create a life that you can truly love.

I can hear the Island of the Gods calling my name!

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 The Benefits

What to expect on this sacred journey! our time together, you’ll learn how to: 

Gain confidence to step into the real you - Our intimate retreats will help you live the life you have always wanted. 


Love your body and the women you are - Get ready to be inspired to take the next step in setting yourself free. Learning how to love and care for yourself and live everyday with a full heart, so you can truly be YOU!

Learn to nourish your body - After a week of delicious nourishing meals, days full of restorative yoga, daily healing massages, quality time spent in nature, immersing yourself in the Balinese culture and plenty of sleep, you’ll leave here feeling full of love and knowing finally what it feels like to be accepted.


Believe that you are beautiful right now- I am so excited to help guide you on your wellness journey. It will be one of your best decisions yet. After all, investing in yourself is the best gift you can offer yourself. 



Access to our Facebook Group so you can meet your lippy sisters ahead of time and request to share a room if you desire!


To make sure you’re organized and have your packing in order, jump on our pre-trip call where you can ask a question or two!


When you get home join our post trip call to best implement all the delicious transformation you experienced during our time together.


Stay connected to your new friends.

This sounds incredible!

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The Location

About Bali

I love Bali so much! It is a beautiful country with vast contrasts from crystal clear waters and white sand beaches to lush green rice terraces.

The people are as diverse as the stunning landscape.


Hindu is the predominant religion, although there are Islamic people living in the country too.


The people pride themselves in being tolerant and open and abhor violence.

The president and the Balinese government are strongly against terrorism and have security measures in place to prevent negative influences from taking hold in their country.


Bali is considered quite safe to visit and in fact – there is a very large expatriate community living in Bali because it is such a beautiful and delightful country with fabulous restaurants, reasonably priced, lots of activities, and a fascinating culture.

You can feel safe walking in the streets, bargaining and shopping – of course just like when you walk about in any city you want to make sure your money and belongings are tucked away safely.

English is spoken by most people who interact with tourists so you will have no problems communicating with the locals while wandering around town.

Aimee, Take me to Bali!

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What's included

  • Six nights in a luxury private villa overlooking beautiful rice terraces

  • Airport transfers to and from the villa

  • Three daily nutritionally balanced meals to support Lipoedema– Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 

  • Unlimited Clean filtered drinking water

  • Hands on Nutrition workshops

  • Daily massage tailored to your needs

  • Yoga each day focusing on the lymphatic system

  • Healing waters of Bali’s Pura Tirta Empul Temple

  • Ubud sacred monkey temple

  • Special letting go ceremony 

  • Unique beachside journaling session

  • Picturesque stroll trough famous rice terraces

  • Shop the famous Seminyak streets

  • Transportation for the entire trip in a private car and entrance fees on all excursions

  • A one on one counselling session with a body image expert

  • Dance the night away with a Traditional Balinese farewell dinner with Balinese entertainment 

  • Traditional Farewell dinner cocktails or mocktails

  • Wifi


What's not included

  • Flights

  • Travel Insurance

  • Spending money for souvenirs or shopping in Seminyak or food outside of the villa


Arrive into the Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) on September 5th, 2020 before 4pm if possible so we can pick you up and get you settled in before dinner. We recommend you depart September 11th, 2020 after 12pm.


If you are arriving the day before, we can arrange a transfer to the retreat from your hotel surrounding areas (Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canguu or Sanur. If staying Ubud or Uluwatu there will be an extra cost ($20 AUD) check in to the retreat is from 3pm. Same situation going home.

This looks incredible!

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Your Host

One things for sure: I haven’t always had the self-confidence to show my legs in public.


I spent many years embarrassed by the way my legs looked. Hiding them whenever I had the chance.


I have always been trying to heal myself and that led me on my path to study nutrition. When I was diagnosed with lipoedema I felt lost, I didn’t know what the next step was. I felt like I had been on a merry-go-round all these years and was never going to get off.


I then heard a doctor say that I will have lipoedema forever. Most people would be upset but it was exactly what I needed to hear. I have not been failing all these years. 


I was on the right path all along. I have been managing my lipoedema for the past 15 years. I have been listening to my body and giving it what it wants. This didn’t happen over night and it has taken a lot of trial and error, tears, frustration and moments of desperation.



I feel the most like myself when I am in Bali. I don’t care what anyone thinks. I wear shorts and feel so free.  My most recent trip to Bali was the first time I had been to Bali post diagnosis. I approached things differently. I had a massage everyday and couldn’t believe even in the humidity I was not swelling. 


While lying in the pool, gazing out to the horizon with Mount Agung in the background. I knew that I was going to create a place for women just like me to join together and have the chance to also feel free.


My biggest why is to show women with lipoedema that they can live a life full of happiness, love and acceptance.


This Journey was created just for you; each moment is about supporting you in the most powerful and intimate experience.

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