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5 simple ways to reduce swelling for Lipoedema

Before I was diagnosed with Lipoedema I always thought I had a fluid problem but couldn't understand why. I mean the doctors would look at me and think I was crazy. Naturopaths would make me work on gut health and clear my liver.

I am a nutritionist and while I was studying and even after graduating I had never heard of this condition. I could eat something and literally notice the swelling in my legs an hour later. I would never tell anyone because even I thought I was crazy. Logically eating a serve of ice-cream or a chocolate bar cannot make you put on 2kg. It must of been in my head.

It now makes me laugh that I was questioning my own body. I seriously thought that because I was eating junk food I was then making up that I had this strange sensation in my body. There was no way it could make me 'fat' that quickly. I am now confident enough to say that yes indeed my body was having that reaction and I wasn't imagining it.

I would also notice the shape of my legs change from day to day, morning to night. This really determined what I would wear. I would have an outfit picked for an event and then not feel conformable or confident wearing it on the day of the event. I could of sworn my legs looked ok the day that I tried it on. How can they look so different today, and why do they have to look so different today? I now buy clothes in two different sizes for this very reason.

I have been able to create a diet for myself that reduces the swelling and inflammation caused from food. I am not perfect, I still eat things occasionally that I know don't agree with me or lipoedema. There is still days that I will swell due to the heat, exercise or from being on my feet at work. I feel so much better by adding at least one of the items on the list. Better still they can be used as a preventative and not just once there is swelling.

Here is a list of 5 simple ways to reduce swelling in Lipoedema

1. Place your legs up on a wall

Legs up the wall can be thought of as the “go to” pose for helping our Lymphatic System. In this pose your legs are straight up against a wall with your back flat on the floor, bed or couch... This helps to restore body fluid to the upper body which also helps to reduce swelling and fatigue in the legs, feet, and ankles.

2: Give your self a ten minute massage

Massage can be great for swollen legs. Starting at your feet toward your heart with firm strokes and some pressure. This can help move the fluid out of the area and reduce swelling.

3: Dry body brush

Using a dry brush for body brushing provides you with the incredible health benefit of improving your body's lymphatic system, which is responsible for helping detoxify your body. The health benefits of lymphatic massage include: improve circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system.

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4: Rebound for 5-10 minutes or bounce on a Swiss ball

Vertical motion helps stimulate the lymphatic system aiding in the disbursement of lymphatic fluid.

5: Deep breathing exercises

Deep diaphragmatic breathing facilitates movement of lymph through the bloodstream and dramatically increases the elimination of toxins. It's simple to do. Breathe deeply in through your nose and hold for four counts then release.

I hope that you find some if the suggestions helpful with reducing your swelling.

Aimee xxx

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