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I am a lipoedema fighter and so much more!

I am Aimee, I am a Nutritionist and a Lipoedema fighter. I teach women how to manage lipoedema through nutrition, so they can have the self-confidence to face the challenges we all have on the path to body-love and acceptance. Reducing pain, weight and creating freedom.

I have stage 1, type 3 and 4 (full arms and legs) these two usually accompany each other. I have always known I was different. I remember when I was 14 asking my mum why I had cellulite on my knees.

I had been fighting lipoedema without knowing about this condition for many years. I believe it's my biggest advantage when it comes to teaching others how to manage this disease. It has been the most rewarding journey to help others do the same.

My old personal instagram bio, which pretty much sums me up... I have champagne taste on a beer wage, I love love eating healthy but I am extremely lazy.

I got married when I was 22 to the love of my life Sean. We don't have any children and don't have any plans on having any. Isn't that right Sean? I am now of the age that I get asked if I can't have children. It doesn't bother me. Maybe the part that I now look old enough that people have to ask that question.

My brothers used to call my custard butt because I loved custard so much and my butt was/is super squishy. Oh and sausage arms, not because I liked sausage but because of the lack of shape in them. The joys of having 4 brothers. I have 1 beautiful sister Danielle.

I am from Sydney, Australia and live on the Northern Beaches. I love summer even though I swell. I literally freeze in winter. (I know most of you would say that Australia does not have real winters). I hold a duel citizenship with Italy (there goes my chances of becoming the prime minister). I am the worst Italian ever because I literally know 20 words. Although my husband is convinced that I can speak Italian.

I eat (in)salata everyday (lettuce, cucumber, evoo, vinegar and salt), and sip tea all day.

Currently working on body love and opening my heart. Hello Saba my precious little kitty who I love so much. You would of never of guessed that last year I couldn't even pet my friends animals.

My biggest why is to show women living with lipoedema that they can live a life full of happiness, love and acceptance.

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Aimee Buchanan
Aimee Buchanan
Jan 27, 2020

Hi, It can be very overwhelming to begin with, I love your enthusiasm to help your body work the best it can. I have a Facebook group that you can join. There is a link on my homepage. It’s called Nutrition for Lipoedema- a holistic approach. I have food lists and videos which you may find helpful x


Jan 26, 2020

I stumbled upon your blog through pinterest. I would love to learn more about your daily diet. Having been diagnosed recently with Lipedema, I am in full learning mode to live a better life.

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