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The beginning of Lipoedema Wellness Retreat

I am a planner, I book a holiday way in advance. What I love most of all is looking for accommodation, I search and search and search until I have found the perfect little gem. I will even sometimes book a holiday around the accomodation.

The part I can't plan, what my body will look like when I am on a holiday. I used to hate going on last minute weekend getaways with friends. Especially if they were to a beach house. At least with a holiday well planned in advance, I knew I had time to lose weight so that I could wear a bikini. Right!?

I used to imagine how I would look on the beach in my new bikini that I hadn't even purchased yet. You girls know that it isn't always going to end up that way. For me I had to literally starve myself, four weeks out to achieve a body that I was going to be confident with. No matter how thin I would get, I still had cellulite on my legs and a layer of 'fat' over my knees. I could never understand why. The worst part? I would only fit into that bikini for two days before the bottoms became super tight and my body would begin to swell.

I feel the most like myself when I am in Bali. I don’t care what anyone thinks. I wear shorts and feel so free. My most recent trip to Bali was the first time I had been to Bali post diagnosis. I approached things differently. I had a massage everyday and couldn’t believe even in the humidity I was not swelling. 

While lying in the pool, gazing out to the horizon with Mount Agung in the background. I knew that I was going to create a place for women just like me to join together and have the chance to also feel free.

I want you to feel supported on this journey, and what better way then to have a holiday with women who know exactly what you are going through. I want to teach, guide and support you. I will share my successes and show the lipoedema world that we can have a life full of love and acceptance. We will laugh, share intimate thoughts and have a week to explore another culture without fear, shame or the burden of our bodies. I want everyone to have a holiday booked where the first thing that comes to your mind, is not how much weight you need to lose or what you will look like in a bikini.

How freeing would it feel to not be ashamed about the way your legs look and know that’s the last thing on the minds of the people around you?

If you are ready to take the weight of your shoulders this retreat is for you. Join me and be surrounded by women who know exactly what you are going through. We will all bare our souls (and legs) together, allowing you to finally understand what true acceptance feels like.

Aimee x

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