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Why do Stage 1 lipoedema girls fear wearing a bikini?

Stage 1 girls get to cover up their body and hide behind clothes every single day. We can hide every part that we are ashamed of and nobody would have the slightest clue but as soon as someone mentions, pool party, the beach or going away on a summer holiday we feel completely exposed. We are like super heroes. We are strong and brave with our clothes on. Our clothes give us power but as soon as we remove them, we reveal our true identity.

Yes we have thin privilege but the shape of our legs and arms looks different to a normal person. Our skin is loose and wobbles as we walk and we have cellulite that could make many think that we have the same legs as your grandma. Even though we are normal in size, we don’t feel normal especially when we bare our bodies on the beach with the sun shining. My body looks completely different at home with no sunlight.

Society body shames anyone for looking different to the ideal body not just for being overweight.

It’s not our fault that we are trying to fit into an unrealistic box. Just like many other girls who wish for someone else’s body, we too wish we had a different body. We may not wish for a skinnier body but we wish for a body with firm, toned dimple free skin.

I have been working on finding strength and power when I remove those clothes that make me feel so normal. Showing my body was super scary but over time I have learnt to accept that, this is my body and somedays it looks better than other days. Somedays it struggles to work and when that happens, I don’t feel like wearing my bikini or participating in life, but I am not going to stop my life because of this disease.

Tell me, do you feel the same way?

Aimee x

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